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Writing and Editing

Technical Writing

Our staff has many years of technical writing experience. We've authored over 100 hardware and software computer/communications/telecom/wireless technical manuals as well as our own broadband wireless industry handbook. We can help you at any stage of the process from planning through writing and project completion.

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Technical Editing

We can take your partially or already-written book, chapter or article and review it for technical accuracy, completeness and usability. Your publications and your web pages represent your company. Let us help make your manuals, white papers, web pages and other publications positive examples of your corporate quality.


Every single day you read web-based material that contains typographical errors. Unfortunately today's Spellchecking programs alone do not catch common grammatical and typographical errors. A quick, easy and inexpensive editing and proofreading would have caught and corrected those errors. Avoid the embarrassment of making simple but highly visible errors. Let us do your proofreading. It's quick, effective and affordable.

Grant Writing

We're available to assist American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant and loan applicants with NOFA/BIP/BTOP writing services. You supply the technical content and we'll tie your document together clearly and effectively.

Press Releases

We are happy to assist you with your Press Releases. We can draft, edit or proofread Press Releases. We'll make sure the details are accurate and the tone is appropriate. Lastly, our service is prompt and affordable.

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