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Technical Training

Ask-Wi.Com is a technical training specialist as well as the premier broadband wireless training company. We have trained over 3500 wireless personnel across the U.S.

Wireless Training

Our broadband wireless training program was the first in the industry and is also the longest-running. We began in 2001 and we continue to offer our wireless ISP, Muni, and WiMax training today. Since 2001 we have successfully trained over 3500 wireless technicians, engineeers and management personnel.

Technical Training

In addition to wireless training, can design and deliver courses in electronics, communications, information technology and many other technical fields.

Classroom Style

Our training style sets us apart. Our presentations are interesting, collaborative, supportive and fun. If you ever sat through a class where you never really participated or where you fell asleep then you're going to enjoy and appreciate our training sessions. Here you'll be awake, participating and learning. We guarantee that you'll leave secure and satisfied, knowing that you gained new skills and knowledge.

Training Locations

We can deliver training right at your business location or remotely, over the Internet.




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