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NOTE: All our services are vendor-neutral. We provide you with honest, unbiased advice and recommendations that serve your best interests.

Network Engineering and Design

Are you designing a new wireless network? We'll help you design it correctly the first time. It's better to spend a little money now to design your network properly rather than spend a lot of money (and time) later trying to get your network to work properly. We are also available to assist American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant and loan applicants with BIP/BTOP network design services.

Wireless Training and Technical Training

Since 2001 we've trained over 3500 outdoor broadband wireless personnel across the U.S. Our vendor-neutral training capabilities are well known and respected in the WISP and wireless industry. Our seminars makes it easier and faster for you to successfully design, install, and support your own wireless WAN or wireless ISP network. You can schedule this seminar at your company simply by phoning us. Click to see a description of our training programs.

Business Plan Review

Even the best business plan in the world is no guarantee of success if it doesn't adequately address the complex technical issues of license-free wireless network design and operation. Before you "pull the trigger" and commit thousands of dollars, spend a fraction of that and have us review your business plan. We'll flag unaddressed issues and suggest ways to address these issues sooner rather than later. If unaddressed, these issues can emerge later when they are expensive and time-consuming. If you plan to buy a wireless business, consider having us perform a technical audit for you. Our written report will flag areas that need attention. This helps you negotiate a fair purchase price and avoid expensive problems later on.

Wireless Network Optimization

we'vAre you experiencing slow performance or intermittent problems on your wireless network? We'll help you poinpoint and correct the problem. To minimize costs, we can often diagnose your problems over the phone. Give us a phone call to discuss your symptoms. The first 15 minutes is free.

Interference Surveys

wireless interference

Why is failing to do an interference survey (sometimes called a wireless site survey) before choosing a new tower or access point location a recipe for failure? A receiver only works reliably when the incoming signals are significantly louder than the incoming noise. If the noise is too loud, an access point receiver will not be able to hear and decode incoming signals. It is imperative to do an interference survey first to measure the noise levels at your potential access point locations before you sign a lease and commit to using a specific access point or tower location.

Spectrum Analyzer Training

Our on-site spectrum analyzer training helps your staff learn to use your spectrum analyzer effectively. You will learn:

1. How to read and operate the spectrum analyzer.
2. How to collect data.
3. How to interpret the collected data.
4. How to minimize the impact of interference on your network.

Spectrum analyzer brands that we can train you on include: LP Technologies, Avcom, XL Microwave, Anritsu, Cognio, BV Systems.

Wireless ISP Industry Handbook

We wrote the handbook for the wireless ISP industry - "Deploying License-Free Wireless WANs". This vendor-neutral book (published by Cisco Press) describes how to successfully design, deploy, and monitor a wireless ISP. Click for chapter outline.

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