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Partnership, to us, still means what it used to mean 150 years ago - someone you could rely on and trust to be there when you needed them.

When we work with our clients - we partner with them. We work to serve their needs honestly, responsively, efficiently, confidentially, and completely. Conversely, we expect our clients to be sincere, honest, and responsible in their relationship with us. We honor our promises to our partners and we trust our partners to keep their promises to us.

We partner with industry consultants and other companies who provide value-added services.

Wireless Mapping - Brian Webster Consulting offers RF engineering and advanced wireless mapping services.

Link Technologies, Inc. - Link Technologies, Inc, is a Mikrotik, Network, and WISP Consulting Company. They serve Wireless Internet Service Providers and traditional ISPs providing full network management, routing, and support services. Through their partner companies they offer a full range of high-end and carrier grade wireless and networking equipment.

We are always open to new wireless partnerships. When you need honest and creative help with one of your wireless projects, please give us a call.

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