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Cellphone Safety

Quick-Reference Guide

Cellphones have become an important part of modern life and the use of other wireless devices has literally exploded. Although many people have an entire house filled with wireless devices, there are very few sources of information about wireless safety. Until the cumulative effects of exposure to microwave energy from cellphone transmitters radiation energy are better understood, we recommend that you minimize your exposure by putting a little physical space between yourself and your cellphone. Consider practicing the easy, common-sense wireless safety techniques in the following quick-reference guide.

Mr. Unger, author of the book Designing License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks decided to provide the following guide to help people everywhere take practical steps to minimize their exposure to cell phone transmitters. The guide, Minimize Your Microwave Energy Exposure from Cellphones sells for $2.00 and is available for immediate download.

Click here now to buy it, download it and use it.

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