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Wireless Mapping Services


Do you know where your customers are?

Let one of our CQ Files
instantly qualify your new customers.

We will custom-prepare a CQ File for you that allows you to simply type in the address of a potential customer and immediately determine if that customer is located in your wireless coverage area. With our new low prices, can you afford NOT to use a CQ File?

CQ File - Customer Qualification File

Use our CQ File with Google Earth before or after your network is deployed. You can confirm that your network covers (or your future network will cover) specific customer areas or street addresses. Qualify a new customer while they are still on the phone! Seeing is believing - that's why we invite you to try a CQ File for yourself. It's easy, just

1. Download the latest
Google Earth version from Google.

Start Google Earth. If you're new to Google Earth, here's a link to the "Getting Started" page.

2. Click here to download a trial CQ File. This is an real-world file (Multi Site Wireless Network Sample.kmz) that allows you to see the coverage provided by a multi-tower wireless ISP.

3. The green that you see is the coverage area of all of the tower sites combined. On the left-hand Google Earth menu, you can check or uncheck (turn on or turn off) each tower site individually to see the coverage area from each tower. You can also check or uncheck the individual names of each tower site. All of the Google Earth features, zooming, tilting, viewing from any compass direction, control of layer density, etc. are fully functional.

4. Try checking to see if a specific street address is within the coverage area. Here are two sample addresses. Cut and paste them one at a time into the "Fly To" window in the upper left-hand corner Google Earth "Search" box.

43685 Yellow Wood Rd, Sauk Centre, MN

820 Commerce Rd, Long Prairie, MN

Using a CQ File makes checking wireless coverage is so easy that anyone in your organization can do it in seconds.

4P Map™ - Point-Point Path Profile

Microwave Path Profile

Before you design an outdoor point-to-point wireless link, use a
4P Map
to confirm that you have a clear wireless "line-of-sight" path. If your path is partially obstructed or if you don't have enough fade margin, your link will be slow, unreliable or may not work at all. A 4P Map reveals how high your antennas need to be, how much antenna gain you need and how much transmitter power and receiver sensitivity you need.

GIS Insight Map - Actionable Business Data

GIS Insight - GIS Map

Talk with us about our customized GIS Insight
Maps™. These maps can combine wireless coverage, exact physical location, plus detailed customer information. GIS Insight Maps can display wireless network data, wired network data, population density, income levels, or any other geographically-based customer data in ways that provide insight into improving the efficiency and the profitability of your business.

You can determine how many business or residential customers are within your coverage areas - along with the names and the addresses of those customers. You can do customer capacity planning and prepare address lists for marketing campaigns. You can create maps that are limited only by your creativity.

Use our GIS Insight Maps as a business intelligence tool. Compare actual revenue to potential revenue. Evaluate the business value of merger and acquisition candidates. Show investors the graphical evidence that supports your business plan. Our GIS Insight Maps allow you to make decisions based on empirical data, not just on intuition. Put your own creativity to work - tell us what you would like to see and we'll work with you to make your data visible and actionable.


CQ File

One to ten access points - $ 180 each
Eleven or more access points - $ 120 each

4P Map

Each link - $ 180.

GIS Insight Map
Please ask for a quote.

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