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Cell Site Coverage Testing and Evaluation

Cell Site Coverage Verification for Cities

By performing drive testing, we can help cities verify the accuracy of the coverage information supplied by cellphone carriers. We can verify that reported "coverage holes" actually do or do not exist. We prepare maps that show the actual coverage results from the drive testing.

Cell Site Coverage Evaluation

We can predict and map the coverage that will be achieved from proposed new cell sites. You can compare coverages from new proposed locations and select the location with the best coverage and the least visual impact. We can change the parameters, for example by adjusting the antenna height above ground and show you graphically the resulting coverage differencees.

Reporting Formats

We'll provide the testing and site evaluation results in a professionally-written report that is well-illustrated with graphics clearly showing the areas covered. Coverage maps are provided both as jpeg files that you can re-use in your own presentations and as Google Earth files where you can zoom in and out and look at the actual coverage from any direction, angle or vantage point.

In-Person Presentations

We're available to report the coverage results and options in-person to your group, your department or your City Counsel.

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