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About Ask-Wi.Com™

Real-World Hands-on Experience

Ask-Wi.Com, Inc. (and our predecessor, Wireless InfoNet) has specialized full-time in the design, installation, and support of outdoor wireless wide-area networks since 1993. This translates into over 30,000 hours of "hands-on" broadband wireless networking experience. We've designed, installed, and supported many hundreds of outdoor wireless network sites for our clients.

Your next-door neighbor may be happy to tell you all about wireless (for free) but when your business reputation is on the line and you need to talk with a knowledgeable and experienced professional, we respectfully invite you to give us a call.

The Wireless Education Leader

In 2001, we created the first vendor-neutral, broadband wireless deployment workshop. Since 2001, we have provided in-person training for over 3500 WISP and ISP personnel. Our industry-leading Ask-Wi.Com™ workshops are available privately at your place of business or at public locations around the U.S.

We "Wrote the Book"

Once upon a time (before 2001), there were no broadband wireless deployment books. so we decided to write the book. In March of 2003, after almost 2 years of work, our new vendor-neutral book "Deploying License-Free Wireless WANs" was published by Cisco Press. You can order the book directly from Ask-Wi.Com (click here) or you can order it from or other booksellers.

Vendor Neutrality

What does our vendor-neutrality mean to you? It means we won't try to sell you equipment. It means there is no advertising on our website. Most importantly, it means you will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from us.

Layer 1 Knowledge (and More)

Yes, we're "The Layer 1 Experts and nobody has more broadband wireless design and troubleshooting knowledge than we do but "Layer 1" (the wireless layer) is only one part of your network. Your wireless network must be integrated into your network layers 2 through 7. We have the network integration skills that will allow your wireless network to deliver the performance that you are seeking.


"The Layer 1 Experts" is a trademark of Ask-Wi.Com, Inc.


People who attend our training sessions often tell us -
"We wish we had this information when we were first starting out"

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November 10-11, 2011
Wireless & Video Surveillance Training
Milpitas, CA.

September 21, 2011
The Whole World is in My Living Room
iWeek 2011
Pretoria, South Africa

July 30 , 2011
Sharing Radar Bands with Commercial Systems
International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies (ISART) Boulder, CO.

November 1 , 2010
TV White Space Panel
Broadband Expo
Dallas, TX

September 23, 2010
Wireless 101 Training
Milpitas, CA.

July 22 , 2010
Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
WISPA Regional Meeting
St. Louis, MO.

July 21 , 2010
Tower Technology
WISPA Regional Meeting
St. Louis, MO.

July 21 , 2010
TV White Spaces
WISPA Regional Meeting
St. Louis, MO.

April 23-24 , 2009
"Convergence of Broadband Wireless and IP Video Surveillance"
Milpitas, CA.

November 11, 2008
"Wireless Regulation and Spectrum"
San Jose, CA.

November 13, 2008
Avoiding the 50 Most Common Mistakes That Experienced WISPs Have Already Made
San Jose, CA.

October 7-8, 2008
Online Course - "Designing and Deploying Broadband Wireless WANs, WiMAX and Muni Networks"

September 18, 2008
ISPA iWeek
South Africa

Avoiding the 50 Most Common Mistakes That Experienced WISPs Have Already Made


Ask-Wi.Com's President, Jack Unger is available to teach and to speak at shows, conventions, and wireless group meetings.

Phone (760) 678-5033 to discuss the possibilities.

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